Setting Up the Outlook Add-in

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Actionstep offers an add-in that will work on your Outlook desktop or Outlook Online to give you access to Actionstep.

Note: Users must have Office 365 to use the add-in. If you do not have Office 365, and are using a PC with the Office Desk you can use the Actionstep Office Plugin for much of the same functionality. 

See the plugin on Actionstep Marketplace:

In this article, we will show you how to install and set up this add-in. Once set up, you will be able to save emails in Outlook to your matters, see important details on your matters and create new tasks, file notes and time entries, however, we will cover how you can use it in another article, this article will just cover installation.

There are three steps involved to set up the Actionstep Outlook Add-in. They are:


  • 1. Installing the Actionstep Add-in on your Outlook
  • 2. Opening and Authorizing the Outlook add-in with Actionstep
  • 3. Connecting your Actionstep access to Office 365



The Actionstep Outlook Add-in is only supported with an Office 365 Business account. You must be using Exchange via Office 365, Users with hosted Exchange will not be able to use this feature. Actionstep recommends upgrading to Office 365.

After installing the Outlook add-in for Office 365, you might find that your old Actionstep Office plugin still shows in your Outlook. Read Using the Office plugin and Outlook add-in for Office 365 at the same time for instructions on how to remove it.


1: Installing the Actionstep Add-in on your Outlook

The first step is to allow the Add-in to be used on your version of Outlook.

If you are on the Desktop version of Outlook, you do this through the Get Add-ins button on the Home tab of your Outlook. 

Search for 'Actionstep' in the resulting screen. Select it and then click the 'Add' button to add it to your Outlook.



If you are on Outlook Online or New Outlook, click on an email to display it, then in the top right-hand side of the email, click on the square Apps icon and click Add apps at the bottom of the menu. Find Actionstep for Outlook, and follow the steps listed above.


Info: Installing the Add-in for All Staff

An administrator for your Office 365 account can install the Actionstep add-in for Office 365 onto all users Outlook.

Go to the Services & add-ins screen in your Office 365 account and click 'Deploy Add-in'. Search for the Actionstep Add-in and add it as normal. See Using the Outlook Add-in for more details.

2: Opening and Authorizing the Outlook add-in with Actionstep

Once you have gone through the first step, you will see Actionstep in the button (or buttons) on your Home tab in Outlook. In this step, you will authorize your Outlook add-in so that it is connected to your Actionstep login.

The Actionstep add-in will only show in the Home tab menu once you have clicked on an email. Before that, it will not show. 

From the button, select Open Actionstep.



Tip: To ensure the Actionstep add-in is always displayed, click on the pin icon in the top-right of he Actionstep panel.

Next, click mceclip0.png to authorize the add-in to your Actionstep account.

You will be prompted to login to Actionstep using your email address and password. Enter your details and click Log in.

Lastly, verify access by clicking mceclip1.png.




Note: If you have access to more than one Actionstep system, you will be asked to select which system you want to access before you Grant access.


3. Connecting your Actionstep access to Office 365

The last step is to set your Actionstep so that it can connect to your own Office 365 account. During this step, you will access Actionstep through its main interface, access your Actionstep profile settings and connect your own Actionstep account to your Office 365 account. 


As per the instructions given to you in the Add-in, you will need to open you Actionstep by clicking the blue Open Actionstep button.

Once logged in, go to the Profile screen by clicking on your name in the top right.

Look for the Email mailboxes  section and click mceclip0.png

On the resulting screen enter your Office 365 account details.

Once logged in, return to Outlook and press the blue Reload button.



And you're done!

The Actionstep add-in for Outlook is now installed and ready to be used. Check out the related links below for details of how it works. 

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