Adding a Task

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Tasks can be created manually or automatically. This article will walk you through the process of manually creating tasks and the different ways you can access the task creation screen.


Ways to Get to the Task Creation Screen

  1. Global Create Button
    Navigate to 
    Global Create Button > Task
    The task menu item on the global create button
  2. Tasks Menu
    Navigate to Tasks > My Tasks > Any list view > Create task
    The create task button on the task list page
  3. Within a Matter
    Navigate to Matters > Matters list > Open a Matter > Tasks Menu > Create task

    The create task button on the task page within a matter


Creating a Task

Task creation screen

  1. Enter a task name
  2. Select which matter the task relates to
  3. Select whether the due date is fixed or relative
    • Fixed = set date and time
    • Relative = a date that's relative to a custom data date on the matter
  4. Set a due date and time
  5. Add a description
  6. Choose a priority
  7. Choose who you want to assign the task to
  8. Set a 'Quick-code' if applicable. You can use the 'Quick-code' options to quickly populate the 'Description' field with preloaded text, and you can also create a new quick-code from the drop-down menu
  9. Set a tag if applicable
  10. Select whether you would like to ask the assignee to create a time entry once the task is completed
  11. Specify if you'd like to create a duplicate task in order to send it to more people
  12. Click into the Reminder/Workflow tab

    Reminder/workflow tab on the task creation screen

  13. Choose whether you want to send a reminder to the assignee or not and whether it should be an in-app pop-up, an email, or both
  14. Set whether the task should be completed before or on a certain step in the workflow
  15. Save


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